Pot Filler

So as we planned our kitchen reno (for the last year or so) we intended to add a pot filler. Since we knew we were opening/moving walls and utilities it made sense, then I got around to pricing the actual filler, and thought whoa.. wait a minute. Do we really need a pot filler? I mean the sink is RIGHT there, how lazy can I be?  But surprisingly, my husband, whom is super practical and not frivolous, pressed to keep it in the plan. (shocking, right!?)

… AND I AM SO HAPPY that he did. I use it everyday!!  I did go find one of the most reasonably priced pot fillers on the market, significantly less than any other I contemplated purchasing.  Here it is KES K920 Brass Single Handle Pot Filler Faucet Swing Spout Wall Mount, Polished Chrome


kitchen pot filler

At this point, I cant see spending upwards of $300 for a different filler being worth it, as I am completely happy with our purchase.  I will update you all if I change my mind  🙂


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