Lillies on White Marble

While researching if I could live with the obvious maintenance marble countertops would bring into my life, I came across a not so obvious problem!  There it was in front of me…. “You should never put lilies on a marble countertop” (as their pollen will stain)   .. I mean its only my top 3 favorite flowers of all time!
I simply reserved myself to the fact that I would just never put them on my island, and let them stay on the kitchen table. Marble ordered- check.

Then an ex-florist and loving family friend explained, all you have to do is pick the little stamens of the flowers as they open, and there won’t be any pollen to stain!!   My #firstworldproblems solved!


I’ve also heard, removing the stamens may or may not make your lilies last longer 🙂


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