Produce Storage Baskets

Built in baskets for potatoes and onions.

This super practical nook in my kitchen is one of my favorites! …  I just love coming home from the grocery and dumping a bag of potatoes or onions into their appropriate homes. (What did I do with them before!?)

So we basically built a regular cabinet box for this during construction and didn’t do anything with in for a couple weeks while I decided how complicated we wanted to make these. There are so many options from metal drawers, shelves, etc.  I knew I didn’t want a shelf, as I really hoped to have these baskets air to breathe and such, and I did want to do a metal basket in on a drawer roller. But honestly, after looking at it for a while unfinished…. I went into the garage, grabbed a 2 x 6, cut 2 pieces to the correct depth, roughed them up to look old,  stained and set my basket on top. It’s super simple… super rustic, and I kind of LOVE IT!

Perfect for onions, potatoes, hard squashes, pumpkins, and garlic.

Disclosure… I do have to sweep out the paper skins from onions every once in a while.

Inside cabinet color Benjamin Moore- Nightfall 1596
Cabinet color Benjamin Moore – Dune White 968
Baskets: Home Goods







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