Wooden Box w. Aloe Plants

20151116_122554I was inspired by Joanna Gaines today (and everyday). I meant arent we all.


I just love her little wooden boxes that seem to be everywhere in her Fixer Upper reveals, so I made one of my own on Sunday!  I had three totally hideous little flower pots.. They were lime green, purple, and teal.  They’ve been with me for many years and more houses than I care to admit.  So I’m extremely happy they have been upcycled.

I cut a 1×6 to the length I wanted the box.. Cut 1 more piece for the ends (width)   Ripped both down the middle to make the 4 sides. Placed another 1×6 as the bottom.. Nailed it together, stained, and painted on some stencils.  I did also rough the wood up a little so it looks old and used.  This is the perfect opportunity to let your little ones “help.”

My aloe plant was going crazy. It makes new little pups so often, so I thought what a great way to add some life to the kitchen and save some of them from the winter freeze. Bonus: they’re right next to the oven for when I burn myself.  😂😂  “That would never happen.”


Oh! I did also add felt pads to the bottom of the box so it doesn’t scratch the marble…


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