DIY Espresso Menu


Every kitchen needs an espresso menu for decor, right!?  My Dad asked if I stole mine from some coffee bar… I’m unsure if thats a compliment or insult? HA

I did not in fact steal it, but I made it.  So first make your self a cup of tea… and don’t drink it! Its for the craft. 🙂

Pour the tea, and some coffee grinds into a shallow cookie sheet, take a piece of regular printer paper, crumple it up gently into a ball, unroll, and place into the tea. Rub the grinds around it to stain the paper. We want it to look like its old and had coffee spilled on it.

After you let it sit in the stain for about 20 minutes, lay it flat on a kitchen towel and put another one on top to dry. Make sure the corners are all flat.. (*it is going to have to feed into the printer)

Once it is completely dry, you’ll be ready to print the menu on it.

Here is a word doc with the printable menu. Feel free to personalize it a bit.     Espresso menu for print

Take the rest of the paper out of the printer, set your new crumply one in, and print away!

You can fit this into is any 8 x 10 frame.

Enjoy!  Your coffee bar will never be the same 🙂 20151123_133030..


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