Bypass Barn Door Pantry

We had been planning to build these doors every weekend for the past months!!… It hadn’t gotten up to the top of the list and then I went on a 1 day vacation with my girls, sisters and mom and came back to these amazing doors my husband built! img_20151205_210659.jpg

These are the doors hanging over our pantry / appliance garage. 20151215_111651.jpg20151215_111712.jpg

I really love the hardware. Its the look I was going for, and really… the doors slide “like butter”  They’re REALLY heavy. Each of the doors is all wood and 4ft wide x 8ft tall.

One door covers the appliance garage section. I do all of my baking, crockpot cooking, blending, etc.. I don’t ever have to pull the appliances out into the main kitchen, which is super practical. They’re all stored right underneath the countertop, I can pull them out, use them there, and they can go right back.  Also, those black bins are filled with measuring cups and spoons, small kitchen gadgets, and it helps to unclutter the utensil drawer under the cooktop for things I use on a daily basis.

(ignore the drawer face that still is not installed under the ovens) AHH20151215_112314.jpg

The other side is for pantry storage. It was my husbands brilliant idea to wrap the shelving in an L shape for more space, and I am so happy its done that way instead of just stopping straight across the back. 20151215_112855.jpg

Thy bypass barn door hardware is from Artisan Hardware.  The doors are made of 1 x 8s, distressed and painted in Benjamin Moore Dune White to match the cabinets in the kitchen.

Throw back to the beginnings of our new pantry/ appliance garage before the doors.



2 thoughts on “Bypass Barn Door Pantry

    1. Hi Christina. You are correct that they do swing a little, but there are a few different options from Artisan (the hardware company) for a door stop on the floor. We simply haven’t installed ours yet! I’ll keep you posted on that though!


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