The best honey dispenser you will ever buy.

OK. I realize this may seem lame to write an entire post about dispensing honey, but seriously I have tried every way to store and use honey as cleanly as possible and nothing is as awesome as this pancake pen by Tovolo.



So we buy raw local honey by the half gallon. We drink a lot of tea, and use honey in place of almost anything that calls for sugar.  So it seems like there was always honey sticky all over the kitchen ALL THE TIME.   Using the tiny little bear from the grocery store, just was not going to cut it, and neither is pouring out of the half gallon every time. No way.

Meet my ugly / don’t leave it on the counter when company comes honey dispenser.

Tovolo Pancake Pen on Amazon



It really works. No dripping. No leaking. Easy to fill. Dishwasher Safe. Has a lid. CHEAP.     **What else could you ask for?!


It’s an Amazon lightning deal for about 2 more hours for $7.38  Then it goes back to the whopping $9.97  Trust me, you want this in your christmas stocking, or your sister’s or mom’s.

Tovolo Pancake Pen on Amazon


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