Updating the fireplace

When we bought our house a couple of years ago, the fireplace was the absolute first thing we changed. Literally after the closing, we drove here and ripped off the brass.

January 15, 2013-13
See the brass back there?  Yikes! 
January 15, 2013-14
Same night… no brass fireplace surround. *It’s getting better already 🙂 

It kind of feels like 1980 up there. Crazy to think of how insane my husband must have felt when I said I wanted to buy this gem. 🙂

Ok continuing on… We painted everything white.. (well not white, but BM Windsbreath 981) I’ll never forget that name or number I think. Except the fireplace, because I had big plans for it.

January 21, 2013-16

It got a “sacked” finish.  Apparently everywhere else in the world calls this a mortar wash. Here in New Orleans, they say sacked.. because after you apply the mortar… you rub it off with a burlap sack! (Yes fun fact for the day.. you’re welcome.)

January 25, 2013

January 29, 2013-3
And I LOVED it! 

Apparently in this 25 year old house they NEVER burned real wood in it, because the brick inside was perfect. (See it above)  Well we wanted a real fire, and actually used it for its intended purpose. And this is what it has looked like for the past 2.5 years.

See the lovely “I’m a used fireplace” sign against the back?? 

I was tired of looking at it, wondering what the heck to do with it. It does smell smoky (which I realize is a trade off of burning real wood) and quite honestly we don’t use it that often as we have about 6.5 real days of winter in Southern Louisiana anyway.


I decided if it was just all black we could still burn in it if we wanted, and if not thats ok too.. it’ll just clean up the way it looks.  So, half of a can of high temp paint later.. Ta Daa!   20151217_185357.jpg

This is where we are now. I have a mantle that is waiting to be hung, its on the list…. I try not to push on that one because I told my husband years ago when we pulled the mantle off that I was okay without one. 🙂  Now I want a place to hang our stockings.  And I’m kind of over the big mirror. Ill keep you posted on that update when it happens.


Anyway, I grabbed a pack of candles from Hobby Lobby for a whopping $6.99 and I embarrassingly bought 6 pieces of firewood from the lady on the side of the road, because I wanted them to be clean and pretty. Yes I stood there for 20 minutes picking out the best 6 pieces from her pile..HAHA  and I really love it. (again)

Black High Heat Paint on Amazon.



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