Wooden Crayon Box


Buy it on Etsy.  Wooden Crayon Holder

After seeing Joanna’s many crayon holders in season one Fixer Upper, I wanted to make one of my own.  It was trial and error getting it to happen.

First I tried using a 4×6 piece of lumber..  Too big, too much for me to work with.  I ended up with two 2x4s screwed together. Then, I was left to drill the holes.. I tried drill bits, chisels, paddle bits, but those didn’t work as I wanted a nice clean floor to the holes for the crayons to sit on.  Then my darling husband, after seeing my frustration said, you need forsner bits!

Buy the whole set of them. Its not worth spending the $20ish dollars for 1 size when you can get the whole set for $45ish. I use them all the time now that I have them sitting there!

COLORS2Okay.. So I screwed the 2x4s together, measured out the holes, drilled holes, beat it up… like I always do to look old, and stained espresso (*cheaper to buy stain at big box stores (not amazon) . And lets just say, new crayons make it look way cute!colors3


Buy it on Etsy.  Wooden Crayon Holder






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