“Not Working Out” with FitBit Charge

I’m the first to admit, I don’t work out. But after wearing the FitBit for a few days, maybe I do!!


Day one with my husbands FitBit: 10,702 Steps
Day two: 20,557 and almost 10 miles!  Wow, I feel so skinny now. No all kidding aside, I think its really cool to be able to track your movements and set goals.

It’s something I do not typically think about during my day, and checking progress throughout the day IS actually motivational to either get going and move, or move some more to beat a previous days goal.  Also, it sends fun little milestone notifications throughout the day.

View of the main dashboard on the FitBit app

Apparently taking care of a few kids, some chickens, a rabbit, and husband -cooking, cleaning, and doing normal stuff racks up a lot of steps!!

So the really crazy part of the FitBit tracking is the sleep study.  It tracks by “restless” “awake” and “asleep” and uses your motion throughout the night to give a detailed sleep pattern for your review in the mornings.

Let’s just say, I have got to figure out a way to sleep better.  29 times restless and 7 awake!?

I am thankful for the knowledge that I am not sleeping, so I can work on doing something about it. I used to try to write down each time I was woken up by my kids or on my own, and it just made me that much more awake and harder to fall asleep. The FitBit is doing it for you (and supplying more information obviously)

Screenshot_2016-01-02-07-02-21   Screenshot_2016-01-02-07-02-40

The last feature I really like is that call notifications scroll across the small FitBit screen on the wristband when your phone is nearby. Which for me, my phone always seems to be in one of the kid’s hands, or left some crazy place like the toy box… so knowing who is calling/ that someone is calling without having to find the phone is great!

Ok – the last last feature thats awesome, is that the wristband gives you the date with the time. This may seem trivial to some, but I have GOT to know what the date is. It is a setting you have to change once you get yours, but you can do it.

Honestly, an apple watch *I think* does all of these same things and more. (maybe not the sleep study part) But it just isn’t in the cards for me anytime soon. I think the FitBit is a good deal at around $100.

OH I have the large because it was a Christmas gift for my husband. Yes I am borrowing it already 🙂  BUT my point is that… the large can be adjusted to fit my small wrist completely fine, I would be concerned how big the small is.

FitBit on Amazon Prime

Happy New Year 2016! Get moving…






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