MY Secret Coffee

OK, it’s not the biggest secret, but I do have to say.. I make pretty yummy coffee. And there’s a method.


  1. Start with really yummy espresso.    Meet Illy , your new favorite 🙂
    – OR a coffee that you love, it doesn’t have to be espresso to put it in the espresso machine.
  2. Buy a milk frother. I have the Jura, and have been really happy with it. It’s nice and compact… It heats the milk from refrigerator cold while frothing it to an amazing luscious texture.   And I promise it’s 52000 times better than using the frothing wand on the Krups espresso machine. **ESPECIALLY if you’re making more than 1 cup.  TRUST ME.. and once you start making amazing coffee, you’ll never be drinking it alone 🙂
  3. Use more milk cream than you think.  My coffee ends up being half coffee and half milk and cream. (about 1/4 cream to 3/4 milk) and I use the Natural Bliss Vanilla flavor. *Target carries the larger bottle for the best price, I have found.


**You totally do NOT need an espresso machine to make really yummy coffee, because the frothed milk is the amazing part.. Just brew your coffee a little stronger than normal, and add frothed milk/cream… it will be a crazy awesome change from the norm. 


Illy Ground Espresso –Amazon  $23 for 2 cans (*best deal I’ve found)
Krups XP 5240 Espresso Machine – Amazon $269
Jura Milk Frother – Amazon $99
Natural Bliss Creamer – Target


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