Our First Family Trip to Disney World

Our first family trip to Disney World was a success. It has taken me a few weeks to recover 🙂 HA   Truly it’s a ton of work to bring littles to Disney. I mean lets face it, they don’t walk, no one wants to ride in the stroller, and it’s a busy place.. BUT we had fun. It was one of the only family vacations we have done, just us 5. We always seem to have family around to help.
IMG_4438 (1)

We did a short trip (3 nights, 4 days) to test the waters and I am SOOO happy that we did. Honestly we got most of everything we wanted to do, done.  AND we stayed at Old Key West, which had lovely ground, and amazing staff… but it is OLD. (not just the name) The room hasn’t been updated in a long time, I’m talking pink shower and all. And after walking all day at the parks, thats the last thing I wanted to do to get back to my room from the multiple bus stops within the resort. The place is very sprawling.  I would HAVE to pick something closer to the park on the monorail next time and maybe a bit newer.

Living with the Land is quite an amazing sight to see.  We loved it! 


Epcot’s Living with the land was REALLY cool… we were all ready to go back through and ride again!     Also at Epcot… Turtle talk with Crush = I lost a few brain cells watching that for 15 minutes. Skip it. The kids didn’t enjoy it either. IMG_4432

I really thought our kids were not going to care much for the characters, I kind of assumed they would be scared of them, but to my surprise they were really excited each time we got to meet someone!

Photographer : Anna 
IMG_4612 (1)
The reality of Disney World with babies 🙂 

Riding the buses back and forth is kind of a drag, especially if you happen to just miss one and have to wait for another. We actually paid to Uber a few times just for convenience sake instead of riding/waiting for the free bus. IMG_4543IMG_4597 (1)

Tales with Belle was precious! If you have girls = must do.


We did a half day at Epcot, 2 Full days at Magic Kingdom, and a half day at Hollywood Studios.  I honestly think we had a good amount of time to do what we wanted, the thing I would have changed most, would be to just sit in front of the castle and watch whatever was happening more often. AND I’d definitely go back to the room for a few hours to “rest” or swim at the resort pool and come back to the park ready for fireworks. I am pretty bummed that I underestimated how utterly amazing the fireworks shows are. We only watched our last night because they were just too exhausted the days before.

The happiest place on Earth. LOL
Rapunzel was definitely the most normal princess. 
The view from California Grill was AMAZING, and the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. 
I am feeling a little under dressed here Belle
We waited entirely too long for this,  but that face on Addie – priceless. 


Ok, Hollywood Studios….we had a fast pass at 9:10am for Toy Story Mania.. which was a really neat ride that we enjoyed. But that, and meeting Sofia is about all we needed to do there. The Frozen sing along was really quite hard to get through, and we LOVE Frozen. The 2 “storytellers” were overly dramatic and it was just toooo much. Also Elsa and Anna were hardly there.

All in all it was a good trip… I’m very happy that we went, but we also can wait about 5 years before we go back 🙂

When we returned home, we asked the girls if they prefer Disney World or the beach… they both said beach. ** Those are my girls 😉






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