Building our Custom Kitchen Island

We completely custom built our kitchen island. We only used one pre existing cabinet in the whole thing. There was a lot I wanted to incorporate in it that just had to be built to fit.
With Stephen’s engineering skill, and my design, we made it work!  The island features include: farmhouse sink base. Dishwasher with shiplap side panel, open storage for my bigger pots, and 18″ under counter ice maker, a pull out trash section (which doesn’t pull out yet, and will one day also incorporate my “chicken compost bucket”), and seating for 5 across the front. It’s 6ft deep and 8ft long.

Check out the guts of the island here… farmhouse sink base built, and mounted! Check.

Farmhouse Sink Base



We added shiplap for the dishwasher side panel, and that stained wood cabinet on the side was an upper from the “old kitchen” it fit perfectly there.  We simply flipped the doors so that the handles would be at the top instead of the bottom. It currently holds ALL of my paper supplies. Paper plates, Plastic utensils, Ziploc bags, napkins, and paper towels, etc. It is absolutely perfect storage for those items there.


Shiplap Side Dishwasher Panel


Completed Side 2



This is the face of the island with the shiplap installed and painted. (and the rest of everything still a crazy mess AH )

Shiplap Island Face



Shiplap Island Corner



We used a 4×4 post for this corner where the storage for pots will go.

Open Storage – Trash Can Pull Out Section – Farm Sink – Dishwasher



That opening is for the ice maker, which fits oh so snuggly and perfect. Thank you husband.

Section for Open Storage


Completed Side 1




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